Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year's day 2012

What a beautiful day it is! Last night we had the Murdoughs and the Bryands over for a get together. Chad out did himself with the food as usual and the kids had a great time making a haunted house upstairs and scaring all the parents. We counted down the new year at 9 PM and blew our horns while the guys showered the kids with balloons . A great deal of laughing and popping followed.:D
Today dawned bright and a beautiful 45 degrees so we decided to take a hike at Farrar Marsh in Hillsboro. Hiking in January in NH. Love it! Nice to have so much family time together. Happy New Year !!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funny names

As we were driving down Loudon Rd. the other day, Rachel made a comment about the funny names people have chosen for their businesses. "Take Olive Garden, Mom....I bet they don't even sell olives there!" Made me smile :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Saga

What a Fubar! 20" of snow.....sick as a dog.....Rachel having surgery for new ear tubes....having to wear masks in the hospital due to coughing....fever....unable to enjoy the pool due to the tubes...roughhousing.....exhaustion.....still snowing....riding the elevator for fun.... coughing.....enjoying the ice sleep due to fever and stuffyness.....coloring....fever.....still snowing...........what a trip!

To the Woman

To the judgemental woman who was exercising at the Courtyard Marriot while I sat poolside with my children....
I saw the disgusted glance you gave my figure (or lack thereof) and noted how your eyes suggested that I should totally be the one on the treadmill and not you. This is all I have to say: I got married when I was 24, just after completing my Master's Degree at Smith College. I have been married to the same man for 18 years and he is the father of all three of my children. He comes home to me each night, and works hard to keep his family comfortable. He does not go to bars or hang out with the guys or cheat on me. I am a teacher and am well respected in my field where I worked for eleven years. I have been blessed by being able to stay home and raise my children for the past 9 years. Even after all that time out of the workforce, I was hired back into my choosen career at my very first interview (not bas in this economy, eh?). I own four pieces of property. My children all love me and come running to greet me if I am away for even an hour. I volunteer on a regular basis and my opinions and ideas are respected by my contemporaries.
I may carry extra weight around my middle, but when I look at my life I let out a satisfied sigh. Well done, Christina. Good choices, good work.
Can you say the same, fitness princess?

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Drum

Rebecca got a drum for Christmas this year. She is a riot with it! She has her drumsticks and is content so it there pounding on it for several minutes at a time. The best part about it is her tongue. She opens her mouth and moves her tongue back and forth in time to the beat. So freaking cute!! Between that and the shaking of the hips she is quite the little performer :)

New Year Celebration: Postponed

Poor Rachie was sick this new year. She has another cold, her ears full of fluid. I had bought hats and horns and poppers to celebrate the New Year. Alas, everyone was in bed at a normal time and we settled for listening to the neighbor's fireworks.
However! The next night we made all sorts of goodies and invited our friends over adn spent the evening playing cards and blowing our hornes and having a great time celebrating the coming of 2011. It isn't the day or the hour that matters, my friends. It is the friends and the feeling of well being that comes from being with them. Happy New Year!